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Arabs for Christ is proud to announce the availiblity of their IRC chatrooms to all who are in need.

These chatrooms are made for those who are constantly in the mission field that need a place to meet where there will not be worry about "who" or what government is watching their keystrokes.

The chatrooms have already been in use, we have had a lot of use out of them. 

We are wanting to do this as a ministry to all those who do evangelism in the 10-40 window. Each room, can have its own biblebot, password protect (optional), user name password protect (optional). 

If you are interested in getting a room reserved for your organization or would just like to test it out and meet some of the folks with Arabs for Christ - come by http://ArabsforChrist.org/irc/

May God bless you all, and give each one of you boldness with sharing His message.



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