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More Skype security problems

Over the last few months there have been much speculation within the tech community that Skype was releasing private information to governments.
For missionaries security is something that should be a concern. Many of us are quite quick to say that we are willing to die for our faith, however being careless can lead to many unnecessary deaths. 

Skype, was a personal favorite of many different missionary groups. It was used for the supposed security that it had. It is now well known that they are leaking information 1 2

A good alternative would be using IRC. In Skype, when you talk to another person your private data does not go directly from you to them, but rather is stored at a server where the person you are talking to gets the data from. In IRC, you can do a DCC. In a DCC, your private chat is just between you and the other person.

To help aide missionaries, we run our own server. If you are interested in coming to our server, and use it for your organization you can either drop in or read more about IRC

Another concern that missionaries are facing is a result of Microsoft. Microsoft is a commercial company, and as a result bends over backwards to keep good relations with foreign governments. They have built several back doors into their products for government monitoring.

Have you ever worried that your laptop could be taken at the airport and all your private data taken? Ubuntu offers an alternative. When you install Ubuntu, you get a folder called private that will automatically encrypt all data stored within.

Encrypted Private Directory

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