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Mission Team Formation Considerations

  1. Know who you're going with. Because, it will be tested. If you have checks in your spirit/heart before about the character of your leader/teammate, you can guarantee it will be an issue later when life & ministry get hot.

  2. Know your core values personally and as a couple. Do they fit with the other team member’s core values? Do they live by those values or are they living and practicing something different.

  3. A leader must be well thought of (In judging the character of a person before submitting to his leadership, check what do people say about him/her? That is the litmus test.), committed to his wife (would the wife say the husband has been faithful to promises, does she trust his word?), cool and collected… as laid out in 1st Timothy 3. Else it will be a problem later.

  4. Be clear about and define how decisions are made, and be sure you can work with that style.

  5. Accountability is a condition of, or a result of relationship, not a position, title, or meeting. Accountability is a choice one makes in how he will relate to others. Accountability is dependant on humility. Accountability can not protect a person from him/herself where there is not humility; else at the end of the day a person will do what he thinks is best in his own eyes.

  6. Take the time to properly bond and solidify the team. Whatever that means, whether it is intensive time together, assessment tests, outside observation and council, or all of the above. Identify values, passions, what has God put in each person’s heart for ministry and ministry style, how people are gifted, etc. If there are differences or incompatibilities, take the time to painstakingly examine whether or not the right people are together. If there are differences here, then why are they considering working together? Is there a good reason? What is God saying about it?

  7. Learn the language before getting busy with ministry or business

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