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But I'm Muslim...

Is one of the most common objections I hear from Muslims when talking to them about Christ. Today, was no different.
Right now, I am visiting in the States and met with a Muslim from Egypt

<p>It was quite a surprise for me. I noticed that he seemed like he might be from the middle east. So after handing him a tract, I was able to ask and then switch to Arabic.
The conversation was going good. I detailed why Christ came and died, and our need of Salvation.<p>
After talking to him for a long time, he said "But I am a Muslim."
I replied "That is not the problem. The problem is your sin. If you steal a car and say to the judge 'but I am a Muslim.' that will not pay for you. You will still go to jail. What you need is payment for your crime. You need Christ."
In the end he took a New Testament. It was quite an interesting night. I only had one Bible on me in Arabic, besides my own just by chance (or divine Guidence). Please be praying for his salvation...

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