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Who will reach them if you don't?

The end of the age.

As we approach the end of this age, the Devil is at work actively stealing, killing and destroying. More demons are causing greater havoc today than at any other one time in the history of planet earth. The nations of the world are in distress and world economies are collapsing like packs of cards. The devil knows his time is short, so he is unleashing his final terror on the inhabitants of the earth.

The faces of people and the images of despair I see everyday have been etched upon my heart and my mind. I have been privileged to minister to thousands in open  air meetings and large churches nationwide. I have been honored to speak with individuals on the streets and from house to house. I have often gone to the deserted areas and lonely paths to minister to the dejected, rejected and oppressed. Those images I see daily have been etched permanently on my spirit, and I find myself many times taking their place and begin to contemplate their eternal fate, their destiny, and their life after death. This has always left me with one question: Who will reach them if I don't?

I look with great compassion as many people keep struggling for survival. They are tied, chained, yoked by what doctors dub a terminal disease or an incurable sickness. More women seem to be experiencing infertility, miscarriage or a barren situation, with many families falling apart. They are as hopeless as the remains of Lazarus in the grave before Jesus arrived. They are disillusioned with life and they feel there is no solution anywhere. Even as I write this, I just finished preaching in a very large church and my heart reached out to them, because like any other church, behind those beautiful dresses and smiles are people hurting from one problem or the other, they have done all they know and nothing seems to be working. These people are desperate for some kind of answer. These desperate times need a desperate action. But who will reach them if you don't?

Lets  take a journey

Destination: Northern Nigeria.

If you take your journey from Minna, the Niger State capital in Northern Nigeria, you will find signs of the presence of “Christians” along the road until you get to Kontagora. But leave Kontagora to Yauri, then Jega, and you will not find a single bible believing church in all those villages until you approach Sokoto. Then leave Sokoto to Talata Mafara, to Gusau, then Chafe (Places where my Father worked as a missionary in the 60's and 70's) you cannot find any bible believing church in their villages that reflects our striving to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus. As you approach Zaria and then Kaduna, you suddenly find churches battling for space and “fighting” one another. We have done every other thing except what God told us to do, which is the evangelization of the world.  We cannot afford to fold our hands and watch these precious souls die in bondage to hell. Who will reach them if you don't?

The most evangelized nation in Africa…

We stand to be censured if we do not rise up to begin to do the works of God. It is easy for us to walk in pride saying our nation is the most evangelized in Africa while millions are slipping right under us to hell.

Once I brought a preacher from Australia to some villages in Niger state, Nigeria and after trekking for less than an hour from the capital city, we met people who after we preached to said, “they have never heard of any Jesus” in the most evangelized nation in Africa.

In the little village of Ado Awaye in western Nigeria where I went for a crusade in conjunction with the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship in that area, the strange sight of an idol publicly displayed on a hill welcomed us. All the villagers worshiped and believed in that idol. No one was permitted to climb that hill to approach the idol without due authorization, in the most evangelized nation in Africa. Who will reach them if you don't?

In another village, a young child died and the village priest insists it was witchcraft. The witch had to be found. An innocent young man was taken and despite his pleas and cries was brutally beaten and paraded before all as a witch, if he showed pain, then the allegations were true. I witnessed this. Their culture demands it, in the most evangelized nation in Africa. Who will reach them if you don't?

In one of our meetings, a man told us how the emir in their little town has over nine wives besides concubines. Every year these women give birth to babies that may never live to see the light of day because those babies are needed for their daily sacrifice. And no one must mention it for fear of the wrath of the gods. They have to protect this tradition. Their culture demands it, in the most evangelized nation in Africa. Who will reach them if you don't?

I counseled with a woman whose husband died. The husband's family believes she killed their son. They feel it was not time for him to die, and besides, the village oracle mentioned her name as the killer. She must come to the village shrine to prove her innocence because their culture demands it.

In a related development, this particular woman was told to come and drink the water used to bath her husband's corpse to prove she has no hand in the man's death, in the most evangelized nation in Africa.

In the past year alone, I have talked with over ten women from different parts of Nigeria. Women who lost their husbands due to various reasons, and the treatment has been the same. The families of the husbands came and took away all the 'husbands belongings' and the women with the children were left to suffer out there in the cold, without food or shelter or any means of livelihood. Their culture demands it. Who will reach them if you don't?
The list goes on and on. The stories are the same. The thousands in our towns and villages, the millions across Africa and other parts of the world who are cut off from reality because of a barbaric culture that has no respect for human lives. People separated from the very life of God. The thousands who are yoked in bondage by Satan to ancestral worship and pagan rituals. Entire communities without a single Witness or Christian missionary working among them. While we concentrated all our efforts in the major cities, Satan released his most vicious demons into the towns and villages, and he has been having a field day working unchallenged. Jesus died for the villagers too. Who will reach them if you don't?
In our cities
In these same cities we live in, the devil has had a free time taking advantage of and deceiving people with little or no resistance. We now think it is normal to be ripped off by Satan. It happens all the time, but we are not bothered because we are used to it, and we see nothing wrong with it. It's like even the demons in the city are now civilized so they operate in such a civilized manner that we usually explain it away as a natural or scientific phenomenon. We live in a perverted society.

I believe God is looking for people who have had enough of the Devil trying to take over our world by forcing sin and sinful lifestyles down their throats and acting like there is nothing to it. We should be infuriated that many people now find their purpose in sports and hours of listening to demonic anti  Jesus music rather than in the one who made them. We should be tired that every night in every city, our young girls line up the streets to offer their bodies to men sold out to Satan, men who have lost all sense of morality. We should be tired of all the safe sex jargon and use of condoms as a normal and alternative lifestyle. We should be mad that our schools and colleges are no longer safe for our children but are now havens for cults and war zones for strange religious movements. It is time to be mad enough at the devil and instead of complaining about how bad things are, get involved and begin to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus and let us push this evil that is consuming our world back where it belongs.
To the critics of Evangelists and their cry for world evangelization as false alarm, I want to ask you these mind sobering questions: where is the church of Asia Minor? Where is the church at Babylon? What happened to the church in North Africa?  At one time all these places were strong Christian nations. If we do not quit being passive and take our stand to reach out to our generation, we will lose this generation and we would have no future to give our children unless there is a quick return to biblical soul winning. This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of sinners.

The devil wants us to believe that every other message apart from prosperity is a negative report. But God's desire to prosper his church is not so they can gather and hoard the things of this world, but for the expansion of His kingdom. We need to allow ourselves to be bothered by the things that bother the heart of God. Soul winning.
There is an entire world waiting to be reached. Who will reach them if you don't? Maybe no one.

 From the Book, "Born in a Blaze" by Barnabas Yohanna

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