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Short term Missions: A Pastor's Experience

A senior pastor recently went on a vision mission trip with OM to the Middle East. Here is what he wrote about the transformation he experienced in his life and ministry when he returned:


1. My preaching has changed. I have a greater zeal to see the church become the mobilized body of Jesus and it is reflected in my challenges.


2.  My approach to the gospel has changed. I grew up with the 4 Spiritual Laws, the Romans Road, the Bridge Illustration, etc…now I encourage people to tell their story, to tell the stories of Jesus.


3. My marriage has changed.


4. My view of the church has changed. I am thinking about how to become a mobilized church for Christ that is centered on the true mission imparted to us by Christ.


5. My view of young people has changed. We are investigating how to get our high school seniors to give one year of their like to missions immediately after graduation.


6. My prayer life has changed. I am much more global in my prayer life. I am planning with my missions team, a half day of prayer to pray for the nations.


7. My view of community has changed. My eyes opened for a deeper need for community – of celebrating (as a body of Christ) more often together.


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