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Expecting the Unimaginable

In October of 2008 Honduras suffered flooding and mudslides which ended in incomparable devastation and casualty. Thousands of people were left homeless, hungry, and hopeless.


Along the Choluteca River is a village, Las Brisas, that is home to several families comprised of mostly women and children as the husbands and men have left to find work or a better life. At the center of the village is an older woman, Laurdes, and her family. Without the male leadership in the homes the young women and mothers look to Laurdes for guidance. She’s “Abuela” to those women and children who depend on her.


Shortly after the floods and mudslides had stopped, I was part of a short-term missions team that had gone down on what was a pre-planned trip to serve in an orphanage. We were fortunate enough to be used by God in His perfect timing as part of disaster-relief going from shelter to shelter to deliver food and clothing to those left with nothing. 


One day we made our way down to the river village where we knew there was need. We met Laurdes at her house and started our distribution from her front porch. As word got out that we were there more people from surrounding areas came to receive the food and clothing we had brought. It soon became apparent that there were more people then we had supplies for and we had to be quickly evacuated. 


Once we made it back to the waiting trucks our missionary guide told us that Laurdes had reached a point of hopelessness the day before and had cried out to God for help. Devastation surrounded her, not only in her own home, but throughout the village of women and children depending on her. 


We were all ecstatic to help Laurdes. Her hope had been restored, her authority in the village had remained intact, and those surrounding her would have food and clothing, as well as, toys and books. I began to see God’s provision to all of us. As Laurdes prayed the day before for help did she ever expect that God would send a team of women from Indiana with the things that she needed? Did we ever anticipate being used in such a way when we thought our mission would be to work in an orphanage?


The lessons from that day in Las Brisas are numerous. As Christians we are to pray for our wants and needs and then expect God to answer our prayers in unimaginable ways (Ephesians 3:20-21, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine...”). As Missionaries we are to expect for God to use us in unimaginable ways so that He can accomplish His work (1 Corinthians 2:9, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.”).


Are you expecting the unimaginable in your life? For those who love him it’s an inconceivable promise worth seeking. As your brothers and sisters in Christ, Jimmy Hughes Ministries is praying for you that God may work in your life for His glory!


Emily McLane

Mission Team Coordinator, JHM

Ways to pray for Jimmy Hughes Ministry:

Pray for the staff and their families (staff names listed on the website).

Pray for the ministry development projects currently being implemented.

Pray for the outreach and ministry of the short-term teams this summer.



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