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How to Pray for Missionaries

“The supreme question of foreign missions is how to multiply the number of Christians who will individually and collectively exert this force of intercession for the conversion and transformation of men. Every other consideration and plan is secondary to that of wielding the forces of prayer.” –Andrew Murray

A truth to keep in mind is that the light that shines brightest overseas, shines brightest at home. The Apostle Paul urged people to pray for him. He linked success with the faithful prayers of the church. He told about the hardships he suffered, that he was under great pressure and despaired even of life. But he also stated that God had delivered him as others helped by their prayers. One of the most valuable things anyone can do for a missionary is to pray. There is a powerful connection between prayer and missions. Paul said in II Corinthians 1:10-11, “On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.”

There is an inseparable link between prayers here and success overseas. Missionary life can be extremely difficult at times and sometimes dangerous. Without the fervent prayers of those at home, a missionary can feel like giving up. The battles are too strong to handle alone. There are not words to express to you how much your prayers are needed.
“The home church, on her knees, fasting and praying, is the great base of spiritual supplies, the sinews of war, and the pledge of victory in this dire and final conflict. Financial resources are not the real muscles of war in this fight. Machinery in itself carries no power to break down heathen walls, open effectual doors, and win heathen hearts to Christ. Prayer alone can do the deed.” –E. M. Bounds

Realize that the key of all missionary success is prayer.


How to Effectively Pray for Missionaries

“God always gives His servants power equal to the work he asks of them. Think of the greatness and difficulty of this work–casting Satan out of his strongholds–and pray that everyone who takes part in it may receive and do all his work in the power of the Holy Spirit. Think of the difficulties of your missionaries, and pray for them.” –Andrew Murray
Missionaries need daily prayer. From the list below, you can the difficulties they face and why they need continuous prayer. The battle is becoming more intense with each passing day. We cannot afford to back off when the very life of the missionary may depend on prayer. God may wake you up in the night with someone on your heart. Their ministry effectiveness depends largely on your prayers. Remember, the light that shines brightest overseas, shines brightest at home.

Relationship with God–Pray for a deep hunger after God, for their study of God’s Word and their prayer life. Pray that they would abide in Christ daily and experience daily victory over Satan’s attacks.

Adjustments and adaptation–Pray for the missionary regarding negative feelings during culture shock such as discouragement, loneliness and depression. Pray for their stability, rest, and relaxation in all areas of life. Pray for patience in adapting.

Health–Pray against attacks on their body and for good health in the midst of living in areas where disease is everywhere. Heat might drain a missionary of energy. Pray the protection of Jesus’ blood over their body.

Protection of the mind–Pray for protection over their mind and the breaking of strongholds in their lives. Pray that the missionary refuses to listen to the enemy’s lies in spite of oppression and hard circumstances. Fiery darts to the mind are continuous.

Relationships–Pray for love and forgiveness in their relationships with other missionaries and with nationals. The main reason missionaries leave the field is broken relationships. Pray for unity, and pray Psalm 133 over the missionary.

Anointing of God in ministry–Pray for the anointing of God on all that the missionary does. Pray that he walks in the spirit in all situations and depends on God’s wisdom, strength and ability and not his own. Pray for an attitude of humility and brokenness.

Exercising authority over Satan–Pray that the missionary will exercise God’s authority in the land where he works. Pray for his encouragement and strength and that he would know how to resist the enemy’s accusations and opposition.

For revival in the land–Pray for God’s Spirit to move in power in the land where he works. Pray for favor on the missionaries and that souls will be released from the bondage of Satan and that many would be saved.

Pray for their family–Pray for family unity, safety and health. Pray for good husband-and-wife relationships. Pray for the children regarding their education and growth in the Lord. Pray that the family will be a tremendous witness to the unsaved and an excellent model for the nationals.

Ability to communicate–Pray for their difficulties in language learning. Pray that the love of Christ will shine through their lives and lips clearly and with boldness. Pray for open hearts, opportunity, and fruitfulness. Pray that they know how to relate to the felt needs in the culture.


You can change the world through your prayers and make a big impact in world missions!

For missionaries to hear that someone is praying for them is like a drop of water to their souls in a dry and weary land. To a missionary, a fervent intercessor praying and fasting on their behalf is a treasure worth millions.

“The evangelization of the world depends first of all upon a revival of prayer. Deeper than the need for men–deep down at the bottom of our spiritless life–is the need for the forgotten secret of prevailing, worldwide prayer. Pray that our mission work may all be done in this spirit: waiting on God, hearing the voice of the Spirit, sending forth men with fasting and prayer. Pray that, in our churches, our mission interest and mission work may be in the power of the Holy Spirit and of prayer. A Spirit-filled, praying church will send out Spirit-filled missionaries, mighty in prayer.” –Andrew Murray

How to Pray for Missionaries
written by Debbie Przybylski

used with permission

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