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Established in 2003, Global Infusion is a growing international foreign missions organization that seeks to become a catalyst of healing, in a culturally sensitive manner, for every degree of human need (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). We focus on those who cannot provide or attain these things adequately enough for themselves, and empower the leaders in these nations who have a strategy for helping and reaching their own people. 
I believe God has called each of us to go into every person's world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Sometimes this requires us to feed those who are starving, deliver clothing, construct homes and other facilities, teach in schools, run a VBS, work in an orphanage, or facilitate medical clinics.  At other times we spread the Gospel by preaching in remote villages, on the city streets, or in underground church meetings.  In every case, we are called upon to minister God's love one-on-one with people through our personal interaction with them and through prayer for those who are broken in spirit.

The success of Global Infusion lies in the organization's ability to involve many people, each of whom operates in a different, but very important role.  The Board of Directors and Financial Review Committee (FRC) meet annually to guide this new organization into a successful future.  Equally necessary and important are the volunteers who utilize their talents and invest their time and energy to make sure the projects and people we work with are successful.  Finally, there are those who travel with us around the world, who through their physical presence, using their God-given talents and willingness, make a lasting impact in the lives of others.

 Jonathan Haward
President, Global Infusion

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