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Sender: A Broader View Volunteers Corp

Volunteer Abroad in Ghana: Volta & Western Region Orphanages, Schools, Building, Clinics Volunteering Opportunities

Description: Volunteer Abroad in Ghana: Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Abroad in Ghana: Ghana is located in West Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Togo and the Ivory Coast.

Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana won its freedom from Britain over 50 years ago, becoming the first black African colony to achieve its independence. Ghana is a proud and safe country steeped in rich cultural history and tradition. The country still boasts 42 European forts and castles including Elmina and Cape Coast Castles which are all recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Monuments.

volta ghana

Vibrant traditional festivals full of pomp and pageantry can still be seen and heard throughout the country. Traditional open markets provide the sounds and sights of the African bazaar. Ghana has a diverse natural heritage which is rich in dense tropical rainforests, unique eco-systems, crocodile ponds, coastal wetlands, botanical gardens and the world largest manmade lake, Lake Volta.

childrenWe have programs available in the HoHoe and Ho Districts of the Volta Region and in Agona Nkwanta of the Ahanta west District. In these districts, 95% of its population lives in rural areas, and subsistence agriculture is the major activity. The poverty experienced in these rural areas is not just a lack of money but also the inability to access basic needs, such as health care and health facilities as well as voluntary HIV counseling and testing.Despite having a lack of such basic needs, the Ghanaian people are world-renowned for their friendliness. Most volunteers are humbled by the everyday happy attitudes of the local people.

classroomOur programs allow you to take part in meaningful community service work, while discovering the people, sights, smells and tastes of Ghana. Volunteering in Ghana is a way to totally immerse yourself in West African culture and gain a broader view of the world.

This is a great opportunity to make life-long friends, learn a new culture from the inside out and discover that one person really can make a difference. Volunteering with us and see A Broader View of the World.

Volunteer projects are available in rural villages and urban towns throughout the Western and Volta Regions.

Location pages:

Volta Region Western Region  

1001 Dell Lane Suite B, Wyncote, PA 19095, USA Volunteer Abroad Project

Tel: 1-215-780-1845 / Toll Free: 1-866-423-3258

volunteers@abroaderview.org - www.abroaderview.or

Dates: Trips are all year round
Length of Trip: From 1 week to 26 weeks
Country: Ghana
Region: Africa

Team Logistics:

Team Description:
(how many people can come)
The programs are customized from 1 to 20 people, please contact us for special prices for trips larger than 20 people
Individuals: Individuals may apply
Married Couples: Married Couples may apply
Families: Families may apply
Groups: Groups may apply
(age, abilities, qualifications)
Individuals: 18 and older + 80
Couples: Over 18
Families: Children over 10 years old
Groups: 16 years old with chaperons
(travel expenses,
room & board...)
Ghana: All prices are in US$ and are tax deductible.

1 week: 820
2 weeks: 820
3-4 weeks: 1080
5-6 weeks: 1295

Verify price in main page www.abroaderview.org
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