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Trip Details:

Sender: Saints Equipped to Evangelize

Saints Bible Institute


Purpose and Ministry

Saints Bible Institute is the educational branch of Saints Equipped to Evangelize, a nonprofit evangelical ministry. The teaching faculty is comprised of professors and missionaries from around the world, representing a variety of educational backgrounds, experiences, and christian perpectives. While representing a breadth of teaching personalities and affiliations, SBI shares a core set of fundamental beliefs that are outlined in ourDoctrinal Statement.


Most students are able to have SBI course credits transferred to their home institution, although accreditation is not guaranteed. Please contact SBI. Admissions for a list of schools that have accepted SBI credits in the past.

For students attending Bryan College who enroll in SBI through their institution, course credits are officially transcripted. Please contact your school's study abroad coordinator and registrar for details.

Dates: Spring and Fall Semesters
Length of Trip: 3 months
Country: Italy
Region: Europe

Team Logistics:

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Please see our website for details:
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