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Sender: JESUS Film Mission Trips™

Mission Trips Internship 2016-2017


This is an unprecedented opportunity for men and women to be on the cutting edge of ministry and to expose literally millions of people to the gospel of Jesus Christ through the JESUS Film Project.

Based in Orlando, FL, there are two Travel STINT opportunities: 1) JESUS Film Mission Trips Intern; 2) JESUS Film Travel Recording Team.

JESUS Film Mission Trips is looking for leaders and administrators to take the gospel of Jesus Christ the least reached people groups in the world. Assist professional mission trip leaders on multiple trips as you are being trained to lead your own trip(s).  You will be take groups of people to strategic locations around the globe, working with various partners and national staff to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. You not only get to take the gospel around the world, but you get to help grow others view of God and missions.

With the Travel Recording Team, you will have training and preparation work to record and digitally dub the "JESUS" film into foreign languages. As a part of a two-person recording team, you may travel internationally 3 times a year and participate in completing 4 films. Each language has the potential of reaching 50,000 people. Not only will you get the opportunity to record the classic JESUS Film, but you may also get to record other versions and follow up materials to help build churches amongst some of the least reached people in the world. The JESUS film is often the first evangelism tool ever used in a people group.

Historically, one out of ten have indicated a decision to receive Christ as a direct result of seeing the JESUS film. Over 225 million people have indicated decisions for Christ as a direct result of seeing and hearing JESUS in their own heart language.

Come be a part of transforming the world for Jesus. 

The STINT starts early August and runs until June or July.  Applications should be submitted before March to have time to complete everything for a training weekend in April or May.

Learn how to get involved.


Dates: August 20, 2016 - June 2017
Length of Trip: 10-11 months
Country: United States
Region: North America

Team Logistics:

Team Description:
(how many people can come)
Up to 5 Interns
Individuals: Individuals may apply
Married Couples: Married Couples may apply
(age, abilities, qualifications)
Must be a USA citizen.
Apply by March 1, 2016.
Attend a regional training weekend in April 2016.
Raise personal financial support before reporting in August or September.
(travel expenses,
room & board...)
Monthly support of $2,400 or equivelant, plus $5,000 as a lump sum.
For support, feedback and inquiries: info@missions-trip.com
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