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Sender: Global Expeditions

Nepal & India Adventure


If you want the “Ultimate Missions Trip,” then you have come to the right place! On this trip you will spend two months ministering in Nepal and India, two of the most “unreached” countries in the world today. During the “Ultimate Missions Trip,” your ministry will be focused on people who have more than likely NEVER heard the Gospel.

Your missions adventure, should you chose to accept it, is to put on a backpack and hike into the mountains to find a village that is literally unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will leave you with stories and memories and an experience that very few will ever be a part of. Come with us on the trekking adventure of a lifetime and use your summer to leave an impact far larger than you have ever imagined.

Want more info? Visit globalexpeditions.com/nepalindia

Dates: Trip C: June 18 - July 29, 2014
Length of Trip: Two Months
Country: Multiple Countries
Region: Asia

Team Logistics:

Team Description:
(how many people can come)
A Global Expeditions trip is led by at minimum one Project Director. Project Directors oversee two Team Leaders per team of 20-30 people. Depending on the project, there could be one or multiple teams. Within each team, same-gender groups of 5-6 teenagers are lead by Missionary Advisors.
Individuals: Individuals may apply
Married Couples: Married Couples may apply
Groups: Groups may apply
(age, abilities, qualifications)
You must be 13 years old by trip start date.

Adults are encouraged to register as team leaders, country assistants, or health coaches.

Married couples are encouraged to register as team leaders; married housing may or may not be available.
(travel expenses,
room & board...)
Trip C: $3295 Base Cost*

*Base cost listed includes your room and board, food, transportation in-country, training, and ministry materials.

*Base cost does not cover airfare.

*Additional fees may apply; contact a Global Expeditions representative for details at 1-866-545-6239.
For support, feedback and inquiries: info@missions-trip.com
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