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Orphan care in Dominican Republic 7/28-8/2/13


Good Goers Mission Based Adventure Travels

Welcome to Dominican Republic! It is a privilege that you have scheduled a Good Goers trip and are taking time from your schedule to serve the needs of orphans and widows as mandated in James 1:27. It is not by chance that you are on this trip; God has a purpose for you. Our desire is that you enjoy this time, exposing you to the missions, the culture, and His Word.  

Facts about Dominican Republic

 The D.R. shares the island Hispaniola with the country of Haiti. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Nearly 80% of the country's 49,000 sq. km. is covered with mountains, but some 20 different topographical areas exist in the country. About 2.5 million of the country's 10 million residents live in the capital, Santo Domingo. Over 10% of the population is of Haitian descent. Roman Catholicism is the country's official religion and about 85% of the people profess this. About half of the population is believed to be involved in occult practices. Average annual income is $5,000 per person. 

Specifics about your trip to Dominican Republic 


All persons will be staying in a hotel unless specifically told otherwise. Each room has a private bathroom. All rooms have air conditioners. Linens and bath towels are provided. Beach towels are not provided. We will be staying beautiful hotel in the Dominican Republic. The hotel is located in the town of Juan Dolio, only one block from the beach. Juan Dolio is on the southern coastline close to San Pedrode Marcoris. All rooms are air conditioned and have a private bathroom. There will be a minimum of two per room. In the back portion of the property there is a swimming pool. Groups will enjoy spending some of their free time relaxing by the pool. One block from the hotel is the beautiful Caribbean Sea. There is a full staff of cooks, maids, and bus drivers to take care of our group. 


All meals will be at the hotel. There will be a variety of food served, such as spaghetti, rice and chicken, taco salad, chicken fettuccini, rice and beans, sandwiches, etc. Breakfast will be fruit and cereal. Please bring a box of your favorite cereal for breakfast. You will be provided "corn flakes" if you do not bring any cereal 


There is an internet phone available for use at the Juan Dolio hotel for only 35 cents per minute. Callings cards bought in the United States will NOT work. Even if they specifically say they will work in the Dominican they will not work.


Passports are REQUIRED to go to Dominican Republic. It can take up to 8 weeks to obtain your passport. This means you must apply for your passport very early! You need to apply at your local post office to obtain a passport. The cost is about $95 and it is good for 10 years. Before the trip you will need to make a photocopy of your passport and carry it with you in a different place than where your passport is.


We ask that each person would help us to stay above reproach in this area. What may not be a problem in the USA can be identified as a problem in this culture. You can help us by rising above your personal preference to overcome any perception problems that could occur. Plan on the weather being hot every day. Concerning Ladies: You may wear Capri pants, knee length skirts or dresses with a t-shirt for ministry. Modest shorts may also be worn. Shorts must be knee length or you may be asked to change.  As for t-shirts you may wear a "sleeveless shirt" but not any type of "spaghetti strap" or thin tank top. Swimming suits need to be one-piece. No tankinis are allowed. Cover ups must be worn to and from the pool or beach. Please do not be offended if you are asked to change your clothes. These guidelines will be enforced. Concerning Men: Dress for ministry is long pants with a collared shirt. You will be allowed to wear shorts (not athletic) with a t-shirt. Modest shorts and t-shirts may be worn around the hotel. Pants and shorts must be no lower than waist. Shirts must be worn to and from pool and beach.


Airlines are constantly changing and updating their policies concerning luggage. Many now have restrictions on weight and may also impose fees for checked bags. Please check with your airline company for up to date information concerning luggage and fees.


The currency is the Dominican Peso. The dollar value in terms of the peso varies from day to day. The group leader will let you know when and where you may exchange money. It is best to exchange small amounts at a time as you can NOT exchange back into dollars once you have pesos. You will need $10 for an exit fee.


There has been insurance purchased for all persons going on trips prior to their team leaving the USA. Insurance coverage is provided through Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. Each trip participant will be covered by the same policy which provides $25,000 coverage for accidental injury and sickness and $25,000 for accidental death, among other features.


Please do not plan on doing laundry. Bring enough clothes to last for your entire trip. 

DONATIONS:  Diapers of all sizes·       New children’s clothing (both sexes) – Blouses, t-shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas, swimming suits (all modest) - Please note:  No tank tops, midriffs or spaghetti strap shirts.   ALL shorts (guys + gals) should be at least knee length·       “Gently” used children’s clothing is OK but, please, nothing with stains, tears, worn areas, etc.·       Underwear (both sexes) and bras·       Socks – white and dark – all sizes·       Personal care – lice shampoo, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, chap stick, deodorant, feminine hygiene pads, lotion, combs, brushes, and hair items·       School supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, colored paper, glue sticks, scotch tape, erasers, paper clips, file folders, solar powered calculators, and backpacks·       Medicine – for colds, headaches, sore throats·       First Aid – Band-Aids, ointments·       AA batteries


* Bible* Journal / pen / pencil* Take old work clothes.  Buying items to wear from Good Will is a good idea – saves your good clothes.  You can leave them behind if you wish.* Casual clothing which is respectful of the ministry and kids:  Shirts that cover the shoulders; shorts that are knee length or longer; and NO tank tops or short shorts. * Rain jacket/poncho/sweatshirt (for rainy or cooler weather in the evenings) * Work gloves* Work boots or sturdy shoes for outdoor work.  * Travel medicine (Ibuprofen, Pepto Bismal tablets, Imodium AD, etc.)* Backpack* Camera, film, batteries* Hand sanitizer (small travel size)* Hat / Bandana* Sunglasses* Sunscreen/ Bug spray* Ear plugs in case your roommates snore* Flash Light* Snack items for yourself (granola bars, crackers and cheese, etc.)* Your favorite cereal -corn flakes will be provided* Bathing suit (ladies one piece only) and beach towel* Alarm clock (battery powered)* Personal hygiene products* Spending money* Dirty clothes bag


• Be prepared to be very flexible. Plans will change daily!!

• Be on time every time. Each night we will discuss the next day's schedule.

• Stay together at all times. Never leave the group with out first talking to your group leader. Groups of at least 4 are recommended.

• Everyone must be in hotel by 7:00 p.m.

• Do not give out money or candy or toys to ANYONE unless specifically told to do so by your LEADER. This can be very dangerous if done in the wrong manner.

• Any Spanish that you can practice or learn before you come will be a big bonus.

• Be prepared to share your testimony at any time.

• Look for God to do something amazing in your life on this trip!!    

We Plan It  We Lead It  You Live It


Dates: July 28-Aug 2, 2013
Length of Trip: 6 days/5 nights
Country: Dominican Republic
Region: Central America

Team Logistics:

Team Description:
(how many people can come)
Group size max is 30 people
Individuals: Individuals may apply
Married Couples: Married Couples may apply
Families: Families may apply
Groups: Groups may apply
(age, abilities, qualifications)
Minimum age is 10-15 with a parent
(travel expenses,
room & board...)
$999 + airfare
$999 fee includes lodging, food, in-country transportation, mission project supplies, 3rd party outfitter fees, insurance, leader expense, credit card fees, and support materials
For support, feedback and inquiries: info@missions-trip.com
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