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Trip Details:

Sender: Reformed Presbyterian Missions

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: Pittsburgh KidsPittsburgh VBSParticipants will aid the local congregation with outreach to community children, engage in door-to-door ministry, provide help with community clean-up efforts and will aid with a Christian Housing project. Be a part of this trip to see Christ glorified in an area of His Kingdom that is ripe for harvest!
This mission team will have the opportunity to be trained using a modified Evangelism Explosion curriculum and will spend many hours out in the inner city of Pittsburgh (Wilkinsburg) taking the most precious word of God to those in need. This team will also help with an inner city youth club and may help this local congregation to clean up some empty lots for community use and recreation as a means of improving the area.
If you would like to overcome your fears of outreach, if you would like to grow in your boldness of proclaiming the gospel, this is a GREAT trip for you!
Check out the latest video of mission teams to Pittsburgh!
Another video of the practical work done by volunteers for a community cleanup effort.
Dates: Summer (July-early August)
Length of Trip: 4-6 weeks
Country: United States
Region: North America

Team Logistics:

Team Description:
(how many people can come)
This host congregation can host groups or teams of up to 20 people. The team will be housed in the church building and will have the facilities to not only provide their own meals, but also practice hospitality to the families in the church and building relationships with families from the community.
Individuals: Individuals may apply
Married Couples: Married Couples may apply
Families: Families may apply
Groups: Groups may apply
(age, abilities, qualifications)
Individuals should be at least 16 years of age unless participating with a parent. All participants should demonstrate a "Servant's heart" and be willing to follow the lead of the local church leadership and team leader.
(travel expenses,
room & board...)
The cost of this trip is $1200 USD. These funds will cover housing, food, ministry materials, and help with community clean-up and Christian Housing ministry materials.
For support, feedback and inquiries: info@missions-trip.com
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