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Trinidad Group Trips

Description: Trinidad is our premier country for mission trips! It is the best trip for first time mission teams as they speak English and the people are very friendly. Trinidad is the southernmost of the Caribbean islands, 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela, South America. A population of 1.5 million made up of people of African, East Indian, Chinese, Syrian, Lebanese, Portuguese, British and French decent. One of the best things about Trinidad is the diverse ethnicity. With all the different racial, religious, and cultural heritages, you'll find it is like taking 5 mission trips all in one! It is like you are going to the Caribbean islands, India, the Middle East, China and England!
Dates: You choose
Length of Trip: You choose
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Region: Caribbean

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Groups of 6 or more.
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Groups of 6 or more.
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