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Sending Organization Info:

Organization Name: African Child Foundation, Uganda
Email: email
Website URL: www.acfuganda.org
Phone: +256782626342
Toll Free Phone: n/a
Fax: n/a
Mailing Address: Lweza Zone "A"
Entebbe Highway, 6 miles
P.O. Box 29523, Kampala, Uganda East Africa
Country: Uganda

Account Administrator Info:

Name: Rev. Jim Nadiope
Job Title: CEO
Email: email
Phone: +256712836624
Toll Free Phone: n/a
Fax: n/a
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 29523, kampala, Uganda - East Africa
Country: Uganda

Mission Statement:

The African Child Foundation (‘ACF’) is an independent, indigenous, non-political, non - governmental organization with a primary mission to provide education to poor, disadvantaged and neglected orphans whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS. We aim to help their families to overcome poverty and hopelessness in Uganda through helping them initiate sustainable income generating projects.

The ACF operates in three districts across Uganda- Wakiso, Luwero and Mpigi districts. Our main office is situated in Lweza Village in the Wakiso district, 7 miles along Entebbe Highway. We also operate in a children village in Katebo in Mpigi district. In this village we have already constructed a primary school and we are in the process of constructing a volunteer and orphan compound as well as a medical centre and secondary school.
Uganda has over 2 million orphans registered, and it is estimated that 1 in every 7 orphans in Africa is Ugandan. In Uganda 25% of all households look after at least one child orphaned by either HIV/AIDS or war. It is vital for these children’s future, and the future of Uganda that these children are provided with a secure and supportive environment or else many may become part of Uganda’s "lost generation”. It will be very difficult for Uganda to economically grow and prosper in the future as many of these children are growing up in an unstable, uncertain and impoverished environment. How can the future leaders of Uganda successfully lead our country without adequate education, basic necessities, support, love and care?

The ACF - seeks to provide a better life now and a constructive future for these children. As Nelson Mandela states “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of Justice”.

The ACF warmly invites international volunteers to offer their support and services to help create a bright future for these children and their families by giving them the most important thing in life - opportunities. ACF accepts any volunteers over the age of 18 years old, from any country, in individual, couple or group volunteer placements.
African Child Foundation is fully recognized and registered by the Republic of Uganda as an non-governmental organization. We have been authorized to operate nationwide across Uganda. Our Registration Number is: S.5914/2368/2189.

What We Do
ACF's primary mission is to reach out to the Orphans and their families by helping them have a better life now and a constructive future through initiating community sustainable projects and program aimed at uplifting the standard of life of the rural communities through:
Education &Training for Orphans.
Women Empowerment Program.
Community Development.
Primary Health Care Programs;
HIV/AIDS Care, Counseling & HIV/AIDS Blooding Testing;
Adult Education Program;
Vocational Training for Rural Youth;
Sports Outreach Program;
The foundation provides holistic care for these needy people through a range of activities.

These include:
The provision of home-based care for people living with HIV/AIDS, free blood testing and counselling for HIV/AIDS, and the provision of condoms to the sexually active;
An empowerment program for widows who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS to assist them to generate a sustainable income;
An education and awareness scheme to increase knowledge about HIV/AIDS in educational institutions and in the wider community; and
The caring and support of orphans using sponsorship schemes

Doctrinal Statement:

Thus Christ's Love is our Central driving force in our efforts as we reach out to help the AIDS orphans. As members of the body of Christ, we are motivated by reflecting on God's broken heart for " Orphans and Widows" and His concern that their rights should be protected. ”Learn To Do Good, Seek Justice, Rebuke the Oppressor; Defend the Fatherless, Plead for the Widow" (Isaiah 1:17).
Our Aims:
To assist the rural families to overcome poverty and the hopelessness by easing the financial burden of many families who are caring for orphans, provide an opportunity for financial self sufficiency from which the whole family unit can benefit and by so doing ensure that some of the root-causes of poverty are redressed.
To avoid cultivating aid dependency. This is done by providing the assistance in the form of either a loan or a once-only gift (seed money) for the specific purpose of achieving the goal of self-sufficiency.
To provide education and an opportunity for orphans to grow up in a caring family environment, other than in institutional care.

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